Reactive & Preventative Maintenance

We have a varied and skilled workforce that can be on-site to assist with breakdown maintenance for your business without disruption.

Quickly on-site to assist

At GD Chalmers, we have a varied and skilled workforce that can be on-site to assist with reactive maintenance your business to avoid disruption of your business activities. Reactive maintenance (also known as "breakdown maintenance") are repairs that are actioned as quickly as possible, we would develop a classification system with clients to establish a scope of urgency to carry out repairs i.e. “Critical” (4 hour response window) through to “general” (4 day response window).

Reactive Maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs not reactive. A reactive maintenance approach sits inline with a 'run until it fails' concept, whereby equipment is used as much as possible without spending any further investment. Maintenance is avoided, servicing and checks are not ordered and temporary repair or minor fixes are made in order to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and spend only when absolutely necessary.

Preventative Maintenance

By creating a planned system of upgrades and repairs, the scope of which can be determined through a pre-planned series of inspections and checks, a routine maintenance plan could remove the possibility of lost time and production caused by system failures, it could also prolong the life span of the installation(s).

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